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Post  krispeyking on Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:20 pm

First off I will say I'm looking for Bruiser Attack Cards and Tactic Defense Cards and I do not want any of the Uncommon cards that have been fused into a rare. The "x #" after the card just means I have that many of the card. These cards have not been fused because they have not been boosted. And 4 of the secret age black widows turn into an Ultimate Rare card.
Below is a list of cards i'm willing to trade.
[Spider Web] Spier-Man S Rare (Remarkably degrade Def. on opponent Bruiser Cards)
Jigsaw Rare (Intensifies attacks on Tactic Cards) x 3
[Shining Cosmo] Silver Surfer Rare (Intensifies Attack and Def on all Cards)
[Ball of Fire] Human Torch Rare (Intensifies Attack on Speed Cards)
Modok Rare (Noteably degrades attacks on opponent's Tactic Cards) X 3
[Bedrock] Thing Rare (Noteably intensifies Def. on Bruiser Cards) X 3
Morbius Rare (Notably degrades Def. on opponent's Bruiser Cards) X 3
[Secret Agent] Black Widow Rare (Notably intensifies att. and def. on all cards) X 5
Moon Knight Rare (Notably intesifies Att. and Def. on all cards)
[Brilliant Scientist] Mr. Fantastic Rare (Notably degrade att. and def. on oppponents speed cards) X 3
Mystique Rare (notably intensifies def. on all cards)
[Legal Eagle] She-Hulk Rare (Notably intensifies def. on bruiser cards) x 2
[Nova Corps] Nova Rare (Notably intensifies att. and def. on speed cards)
[Queen of Lightning] Storm Rare (Notably Intensifies Att. on speed cards) x 2
Kraven Rare (Notably degrades def. on opponent's tactic cards) is maxed out and mastered.
[Ultimate Fist] Iron Fist Rare (Notably intesifies attacks on your cards)
Spider-Man+ Rare (partially degrade def. on opponents bruiser cards)

If your interested my name on here is the same as my game name.
If anyone is about to start the game my referral card is mmp834198. This will give you a rare card and $.
Have fun playing!


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Cards to Trade  Empty Trade requirements...limitations

Post  bigantjohnson on Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:50 pm

To successfully pull off a trade we would have to become Team or Alliance members for 2 weeks, right? Unless there's another way.


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