top 10 alliance dragon balls recruting

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top 10 alliance dragon balls recruting  Empty top 10 alliance dragon balls recruting

Post  brandonpachec on Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:06 pm

Dragon Balls alliance(ranked #10 in event)
Leader ign:angeloizzo and my ign:bp3xlfit21
Alliance level 36
member: 29/31
Alliance Rating 17323
Collected silver 7,781,000
3x adapter

- Must be level 35+
- A minimum donation of 30,000 silver coins to the alliance per day. ( unless event/war is going on )
- Must be a highly active member
- must download line app to talk in our chatroom my name there is :brandonpachec leader name is:angelohizzo

must tell us your base att/def....your win to lose ratio......rank in this current event
(p.s you can join us after the event if you want )

we are very highly active group of hardcore players always talking to eachother everyday getting better all are welcome to apply even if you dont meet requirments you still may get in come join us lets own this game!!!!

talk to me on the "line" app my name there is brandonpachec


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